Oh America, Thy Fall Has Begun!


The supreme court is often deluded by its name. The supreme court is not supreme after all. And just as it’s unfortunate decision to grant constitutional backing to gay marriage few days ago showed, the supreme court in America, and anywhere else, is just as liable to folly as any mad man on the street.

The United States of America is by far the most blessed nation on earth. The greatest economy on the planet, the mightiest military in the world, and the most prosperous people. And it’s simply because “God blessed America”. God didn’t just choose to favour America for no reasons. America, unlike many other nations, was fortunate to have as it’s founding fathers, spiritual men.

The men that drafted America’s constitution did so with one thing in mind: to show that this was one nation under God. They strictly followed the Bible. America was a christian nation by default, but was open to all races and religions. But the biblical principles worked, and the country has grown ever since.

America dwelt by the principles of fairness, equality and freedom. America showed the world, that, by following the Bible, any nation can prosper. The “ten commandments” were part of national consciousness, and the Lord’s prayer was another national anthem. They were not ashamed to tell the world that “In God we trust”, and He never let them down.

America has continued to follow the principles set by their founding fathers. And as long as they did, they prospered. But not for too long.

America, in recent years, have quietly and systematically attempted to redefine the truth; that their way of life, and not God, is responsible for their success. If that is the case, they naively assume, then, that God’s name is obviously overrated in their country. Enmity against God is one of the hallmarks of the antichrist. The US has opened its gates wide for the antichrist. The malicious offensive against God moved them to yank off any thing that bore His name. From the national anthem to the pledge, to the ten commandments, to public prayers at schools, America has forsaken God. The argument was that God was being superimposed on people’s mentality thereby infringing on their most cherished asset: freedom.

There can be no vacuum in life. So, wherever God was ejected, the devil promptly assumed authority. So, when God was sent packing from schools, satan quickly walked in. And the devil had been waiting for such an opportunity, for centuries. He grabbed it with both hands when it came. So, he’s in overdrive. A visit to American schools will dumbfound you. Even at primary level, students in the name of sex education are exposed to all sorts of ridiculous images and videos. At high school level, they go as far as going for practical classes in sex education, where the sexual act is stimulated with objects, and student are required to perform. Don’t even go to colleges and universities. They chased God away years ago. There, it’s fashionable to believe He doesn’t even exist. And they are performing all kinds of infamous experiments to prove God never was, is, or is to come. The result? Wait for few more years.

To perform this extraordinary coup against God, they needed another “god”. And they found one in the supreme court, a congregation of eight fallible humans, who themselves would have to,one day, stand before God, to be judged.

The recent national approval for same-sex marriage is the most pathetic of them all. America claims it’s the right of persons to pursue happiness. And if, bedding a person of same sex is what makes them happy, so be it. The argument is faulty as the logic is absurd. Wait then, for the man who only feels happy breaking people’s head with machetes, or the one so depraved that his happiness is dependent on suffocating infants to death. Or what would courts say if a person claims his happiness is dependent on walking about naked and has fundamental rights to have that protected?

America errs by claiming it is normal for same sex “marriages” to occur. Maybe because they feel the act does not immediately hurt anyone else, or that it is the right of some persons to be recognized. That was how HIV started. Men having sex with animals. It didn’t immediately hurt anyone then too, but today, the case is different.

It can’t be denied that there are persons with dysfunctional sexual orientation. But just like mutation, it’s an exception. A problematic exception. A person either born that way, or who develops such strange affinity needs help, not pity. As a christian, I have seen cases where males who behaved like females, and females who behaved like males were prayed for, and evil spirits responsible for such reversal of personalities were cast out. At once, they became normal again. If it requires psychological or spiritual help, those with such perverted sexual orientation need to be rescued. By encouraging them, we are allowing their demons find expression, and you can be sure the momentum they are gaining today would spell nothing but doom for the world.

But, America; why? Why would a nation that is where it is today because of God allow such evil on a national scale? It means, two males or females can now legally have “sex” (pray, how is it even done?), adopt kids (thankfully they know they are lost as far as childbearing goes), and even get wedded in Church. Very soon, government would begin to clamp down on churches that refuse to wed gay couples. The house of God, of course, must taste the pill as well. And on the day of the supreme court announcement, from the bewitched President Obama to Senators and business tycoons, it was all joy, jubilation, and felicitations. That was how the mood of Sodom and Gomorrha was, just before God rained fire and hot sulphur, totally destroying them for sins obviously less that what we see today in America.

Oh America, thy seeds have been sown. It’s the wind. Thy harvest would be a whirlwind that would leave nothing behind. Thy almighty fall, oh Babylon, has begun.

Olufemi Oluwaseye is on twitter @olufemisp


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