Natural is beautiful

One question that ladies especially would always find amusing is whether or not make-up enhances beauty. The overwhelming answer from most people would be ‘yes, it does’. And I dont intend to argue about that. For some others, they believe moderate make up does enhance beauty. But too much of it, just like any other thing, always makes the person appear worse, they submit. There are very few who are of the opinion that make-up plays no role in beauty enhancement.

I am from the background where make-up is strongly discouraged for religious reasons. I still believe one of the greatest blunders of religious sects is to use the way people appear outwardly as a means to accepting, or rejecting them. There are churches that ‘forbid’ any use of enhancement, from lipgloss- colored or transparent-, to hair attachment, and jewelleries. In some churches, it is near sacrilegous to appear with any of such adornments. Personally, I believe while a person can be extensively worldly in use of beauty enhancements, whereas the Bible strongly suggests moderation in appearance and lifestyle; it is wrong to impose an outright ban on all make-up or its accessories for all members. Apart from breeding hypocrisy, it also deprives some ladies who actually need some form of enhancement from using them.

However, the tendency is for all ladies to assume they always look worse without make-ups. The society suggests that a lady is not complete without enhancements. In fact, there are professional make-up artists, many of whom are making a fortune from painting, designing and decorating faces for special occasions. Ladies, meanwhile, are often naturally pretty. Deliberately, God designed them that way. And all artists know that there is always a fine line between a perfect painting, and a blurred image. Too much shades of a colour, and the painting could loose its appeal. That is the greatest undoing of make-up artists. Often, I have seen brides appearing for their wedding looking horribly weird. Many times, I get embarrased at the obvious overzealousness of whoever ‘painted’ her. Here is an already beautiful lady who suddenly looks totally different, plastic, unreal, fake, overdone, overcoloured, and obviously less beautiful by all accounts. The face is struggling to accomodates shades of blue, pink, brown, black, red, and purple. The eyelids alone are painted with three colours, and the lips have lining different from the main colour. The cheeks are different from the brow in appearance, and the very obvious ear-rings and necklace seem to be struggling to outdo each other. At the end, I only see a happy but confused face.

I am not condemning make-up in totality. But I have often observed, time and again, that it is overrated in unpreceedented proportions. In a bid to look better, and believing wholesale the half-truth that make-up is the way to go, many have thrown all caution to the wind. To them, the more, the better. Very many times, I have seen some ladies in their natural state. With little or no make-up. Often at their natural habitat. I have observed that they actually almost always look better and more beautiful that way. Its one truth they wont believe. But I know it is the truth. I know a lot of ladies who were once ‘bound’ by “no make-up” rules, who have now broken loose, and are carefree in their use of it. I have often confessed to myself the observation, that, nine out of ten of them looked far better and more presentable when make-up was exceedingly minimal or absent, than they did once they started using them. I have tried to prove this theory that ladies look better with less or no make up without success. Mainly because beauty is not absolute. Its in the eye of the beholder. But I have experimented it. I have placed natural and make-up pictures of ladies side by side. The natural ones often look better. I have noticed the environment is naturally beautifu and appreciated without enhancements. Why do we find it hard to appreciate naturally beautiful women until they enhance what is already good.

Thats why babies are always beautiful. Naturally endowed. Our society must learn to appreciate beauty. Natural beauty. Make-up may not be entirely a wrong idea, but to conclude it is the key to a lady’s beauty is falsehood. The flowers may need trimming to enhance their beauty and appeal, but no more. they are naturally fine. To tamper with its colours and fragrance is to spoil the brooth, like too many cooks would do. Exactly what make-up does often to bodies of women.


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